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04-27-2007 > Purchased our new-to-us 2005 Precision 23 from a nice couple in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio.  Debbie and I, Jerry, really like our new boat.  My father-in-law towed our new boat home with his pickup.  This begins the process of outfitting a fairly bare sailboat.  It did come with a nice stereo and VHF radio, as well as a nice Yamaha F8.  I set about obtaining fenders, anchor & rode, fire bottle, and other this & that.

05-19-2007 > We named our new boat "Purr'n" because we like cats.  Today my father-in-law towed her to Battery Park Marine Services so we could launch from the trailer.  We'll be keeping "Purr'n" at Battery Park Marina, K64, in Sandusky, Ohio.  This first day out was interesting.  It took me three tries to get her in the slip.  Note: Need to work on boat handling skills and make friends with the Yamaha.  We didn't sail this day, it was a little too windy to try it with my father-in-law.  So tie her down and head for home.

05-26-2007 > Very poor day for a sail, very windy and theatening thunder storms all day.  It never did rain at the marina.  About 7pm the sun peeked through for a pretty sunset later.  We stayed on "Purr'n" this evening.  Tried out my new portable DVD player using the boat stereo for sound.  Sleeping in the V-berth was pretty comfortable.  Need to get a screen for the hatch, and a shade for the hatch would be nice.

05-27-2007 > We awoke to the foot steps of a blackbird that kept walking back and forth across the deck.  Got a shower at the bath house.  Debbie was feeling ill so I took her home and went back to Sandusky with my son Steve.  She told me to go back.  It was a beautiful day with sun and 10-12mph winds.  Sailed over by Johnson Island, then out the channel to Lake Erie and around to the East  of Cedar Point Amusement Park.  We sailed for about 4 hours.  The sun was doing a number on us.

06-03-2007 > Checked on "Purr'n".  It was a rainy day.  I added a towel hook above the sink.  The chainplates were leaking some, but I think I sealed them.  Starboard leaking to aft, port leaking to forward.  Port was worse.  I forgot to unplug my electric cord from the dock power, but I did unplug from the boat.  I read a "Good Old Boat" mag while it rained... very relaxing.  It doesn't look like the V-berth light leaks anymore.  Taping the mast wiring connector may have fixed that.

06-09-2007 > A little chilly near the lake. The sun was warm. The wind was good, actually a little too much for me by myself. So I went to the Ohio Bike Week festivities in Sandusky.  Lots of cool bikes, good food and music. I sanded and sealed my teak handrails on the cabin top. I used Helmspar... I think that's the name. I applied it with a foam brush after taping off the cabin top. It looks really nice.
06-10-2007 > Spent the night on "Purr'n". I awoke hoping to make coffee.  I had everything but a mug. Duh! I'll bring some with me next weekend. I went to McD's instead. There was very little wind this morning. I went out about 9:30am. I backed out of the slip with ease. What I've pretty much figured out, is that anything more than idle speed around the slip is too fast. I spent a relaxing 3 hours sailing in the bay. When I came back to the slip the wind was blowing stronger on shore, but I managed to make docking look easy by myself. I still don't feel comfortable with the outboard yet, but I'm getting better and I'm getting a better feel of the boat. I went swimming at the pool and got too much sun. A nice weekend indeed!

06-23-2007 > Well I missed last weekend at the lake.  Nephews birthday party and a funeral service.  Anyway I went up today about noon and sailed out to the lake side of Cedar Point.  The wind was light and it would have been down wind all the way back, so I motored to my slip.  I had Maui Salmon for dinner.  Pretty good too.  Spent the night on "Purr'n".  I watched the first DVD of "Blue and the Gray" Saturday night after closing up the hatch for the night.  The lights from Cedar Point are neat.
06-24-2007 > I awoke to a wonderful sunrise and... I made me some coffee and this time I had a mug!  Coffee and bagels for breakfast @6:30am.  I cleaned stuff on the boat and went for a sail about noon.  Shortly thereafter the clouds rolled in and during my three hours of sailing the wind changed direction almost 180 degrees.  Not a lot of wind, but enough to move "Purr'n" along smartly.  At one point I passed one older sailboat twice.  I stayed in the bay today as the wind seemed to be best closer to shore. My docking manuvers are getting better, or I'm at least more comfortable doing it alone.  Asked Pete to have someone look at the cleats on my dock, they are loose and one is missing.  It would be nice to have the missing cleat.
07-01-2007 > A heady day of sailing!  Well at least an afternoon worth.  My son, Steve, went with me this afternoon.  The wind was fairly strong but was supposed to diminish to 5-15mph in the early afternoon.  According to the NOAA we were sailing in 15-20mph winds with gusts to 25mph.  This is a little more wind than I'm used to sailing.  Started out with a reef in the main, and kept it there!  Wow this was exciting and scarey a couple of times.  We were rail down a few times, and once it was a good thing the ports were shut.  It wasn't a day for spending much time in the stern seats.  Good news is we survived and had fun, and the wind continued to increase.  The marina fixed my stern cleat at the dock by replacing the dock board and the cleat.  Good job by all.  We topped off the days fun with a steak dinner and some beers.

07-02-2007 > Another very windy day.  Since I was liming by my lonesome I decided to stay at the slip today.  I tried out all the features of my VHF radio and explored some microwave cuisine.  I walked into town and checked out the Sailors Shop where I purchased a foot of 5/32 line to make a pull cord for a shackle.  The pool was fun to be in by afternoon on this day.  Still a good day off work.
07-03-2007 > Awoke to complete silence.  The wind was gone.  I mean it packed up and left the buliding!  A good day to fuel up and take a leisurely motor around Sandusky Bay.  A chance to get in close to shore and check out the natives... LOL.  Oh, the tank took a whopping 1.3 gallons to top it off.  The first gas I've added since launching.   I came across a large two masted sailboat anchored in the bay just South of Johnson's Island.  The Resolution, Annapolis MD, was on the stern.  A wonderfully beautiful boat with lots of wood.  Later in the afternoon the wind returned, 10mph or less.  This made for a very relaxing day sail in the bay.  I haven't had very much success going downwind with my P23.  So I tried some different things today.  I pulled up the board and furled the jib.  The jib seems to make the main fill fuller.  Never had this problem on the H170.  Pulling the board up just makes sense, but once again the H170 never seemed to care much although it was a little faster up.
07-04-2007 > Thunderstorms threatened most of the day.  Debbie came up for the fireworks show at Cedar Point.  We never did get any measureable rainfall and the fireworks were great.  We could see the fireworks from Put-in-Bay, Marblehead and a couple other to the East, besides that from Cedar Point.  Turned out to be a perfect night for boating after all.

The US Brig Niagara
I need more power Scotty!

07-06-2007 > After the storms blew through on Thursday, Friday turned out to be a nice day to sail.  I sailed out into the bay to greet the US Brig Niagara, a rebuilt two masted square rigged ship from 1812.  That was awesome!  The masts are some 190 ft. tall.  She was definitely faster than "Purr'n", as I couldn't keep up with her.  Then I sailed over to the beach at Cedar Point and anchored there for most of the day.  Just swimming and liming around all afternoon.  Sailed back to the marina for a full rack of ribs, and then settled in later to watch Stripes.
07-07-2007 > The day started out with very little breeze, hardly enough to bother sailing.  Debbie was bringing the in-laws up in the afternoon for a sail around the bay.  Luckily the wind picked up by about 1pm.  We went out about 3:30pm for a couple hours and had a great time.
07-08-2007 > The wind was coming out of the SW and bringing a lot of heat with it.  By 10am it was already hot and too windy for me go out by myself.  So I called a day.  I packed up and headed for home where I promptly jumped in the pool and headed for the air-conditioning.  This was the last day of my week of vacation.  Back to work on Monday.

Cedar Point Beach
Another beautiful day on Lake Erie.

07-21-2007 > A nice day to go sailing. I went to West Marine in Sandusky to purchase a block with a becket. I've been wanting to make it easier to adjust my outhaul. It's always hard to pull it tight and the cleat is in the wrong place. So I remedied the hard to pull part today by changing it to a 2:1 purchase. I also need to add a cheek block and cam cleat to the side of the boom, but for now it's easier to pull tight.  After that I went for a sail out of the bay into the lake. The wind was forecasted to be steady 5-15mph all day changing to 5-10mph on Sunday. I decided, with a full tank of gas, this was the day to head to Kelly's Island. I sailed parallel to a 30 foot Catalina most of the way. It was interesting to see how the wind effected each of us.  There were times when I would have this burst of speed and then they would pick up that breeze too.  In all they were faster than I especially when we approached the island.  I think the island was blocking some of the breeze.  I anchored in the cove on the North side of the island. Then I went ashore exploring. I found some cool polished stones, but lost them on the way back to Purr'n.  There were only a few boat anchored there this evening, three sailboats and a couple powerboats. I tried out my alcohol stove for the first time. Boiled some water for noodles and coffee. It works pretty good. Staying overnight on the hook is way, way different than staying at the dock. About 1am Purr'n began to move around alot and it sounded like the waves were getting bigger. I poked my head out the forward hatch to find the flag flying straight out and two foot waves, as well as about three foot swells. I had the anchor tied off on a stern cleat to eliminate Purr'n wallowing in the near non-existant wind earlier in the afernoon. So I moved the anchor rode to the bow cleat, pointing her into the wind.  She rode much better there, but it was still an uneasy night for me and I didn't get much sleep.
07-22-2007 > Since I wasn't sleeping, I watched the sunrise this morning.  It was really wonderful. Since the wind was still blowing, although diminished from last night, I decided to get an early start.  I had come in from the West yesterday and decided to take the Easterly side of the island on the way home.  I cleared the can on the North-East point and headed South 200 degrees. I was making good progress, and had made it past about two-thirds of the island when the wind just disappeared. I waited it out for about twenty minutes... then the bugs came. Like a swarm of locusts or something from the movies, I and Purr'n were just overrun by bugs. I'd had enough, it was time to ask Yamaha for some help. I ended up motoring the rest of the way back as the wind never returned. I motored probably 6 miles, maybe 7. Later in the day,3-4 hours later, the wind came back. A better breeze than Saturday even. Debbie and I tried out an eatery in Huron, Bernardi's, a nice family place with excellent food for a good price.

08-03-2007 > I arrived at our boat about 8:30 Friday evening.  Too late to start working on my outhaul project.  The sunset was pretty and there was absolutely no wind.  The water was like glass.  I expected a quiet evening snooze as the forecast for Saturday was 5-10 knots.  I was however awaked at around 4am to 20 something wind that even created large chop in the marina.  This continued until morning and into the day.
08-04-2007 > Windy in the morning, had my coffe and donut holes in the comfort of the cabin.  I started my outhaul project and found that my battery powered drill had not been charging overnight.  It appears that the charger died.  Not to be stopped, I zipped off to the store.  I picked up a cheap drill and proceeded with my project.  The P23 has the cleat for the outhaul way up by the mast.  I'm moving it back to where it's more convenient from the cockpit. Adding a camcleat instead too.  Microwaved clam chowder for lunch.  By about 1:30pm the wind was down to manageable, so I headed out for a sail in the bay.  This turned out to be just right and I sailed back and forth across the bay for about 4 hours.  Yee ha!  Microwaved mac & cheese for dinner with a Corona.  Not the dinner of champions, but rewarding.  This evening was a wonderful sleep filled night as all was calm.
08-05-2007 >  Awoke to a small sunrise as the weather was coming in.  The predicted rain was coming from the West.  I made some water for coffee and finished off a few more donut holes, after an early morning shower for me.  I gathered up my stuff, battened everything down, and headed for home as it began sprinkling.  As I drove from the marina the rain came down pretty steady.  What timing!

08-18-2007 > The wind was forecasted to be 10-15, but it was something less with holes.  But where there was wind it was fun!  I sailed single-handed again today as the wife was working.  It was a good day for long sleeves.  Five hours of sailing was plenty, and then I had dinner at Damins (sp?).  As the sun began setting in the West, in started to rain lightly.  I decided to head home instead of staying overnight since the forecast was for rain on Sunday.

A good day sailing. Sandusky in the background.

08-25-2007 > Stormy skies were present in the morning.  I went out about 11:30am since the weather forecast had called rain in the morning and then clearing up.  There was some really good wind for the first couple hours.  Then the wind began getting to be a little too much for me.  So I hove-to and put a reef in the main.  That took care of that, but that's the first time I've put a reef in other than at the dock.  I returned to the dock after awhile and it rained in the afternoon.  So much for the weather forecast.  About 6:30pm it cleared up and the wind was nice and steady so I went back out on the bay.  I shook out the reef after raising the main.  I made pass of the bay toward Johnson Island and back.  A real nice hour of sailing, and I was about the only boat out there.  When I came back I met Bill and his wife who have a 1973 23 foot sailboat in the slip across from mine.  Bill is fixing this one up... should be pretty neat when done.  They invited me to dinner, so we all ended up at the Cedar Tree for Italian.
08-26-2007 > I didn't get up until around 9:30am this morning.  The boat was filthy!  A night of bugs and spiders really make a boat look like crap.  I spent the next couple hours cleaning the boat.  I tried out the spider killer spray I bought the day before at WM.  Expensive stuff, but man did it work.  Almost every crack and crevice I sprayed resulted in a couple spiders appearing and dancing in circles to their death.  Ha!  We'll see if it had any real effect next weekend.  Anyway, back to the sailing.  I went out about 11:30am and sailed all over the bay till 6:00pm.  What fun!  Perfect day!  Came across another P23, a 2000 model.  They had up a 130-135% genoa.  But I was faster!  We chatted across the waves for awhile and then went our seperate ways.  Later I hove-to and went swimming to cool off.  I passed Bill headed the opposite direction, we traded waives.  This was some of the best sailing all season.

09-02-2007 > The spider spray works!  I only had just a couple of small ones I had to chase off.  I found several more dead ones, so it must be working.  Oh the wonder of modern chemicals.  I still had lots of dead bugs.  The sailing was pretty good today.  Light winds, but steady.  It made for boring downwind sails.  I sailed out to the Marblehead Lighthouse and back into the bay.  The waves on the lake were pretty good size for light wind.  Lots of powerboats zooming around.
09-03-2007 > The wind today was better than Sunday.  I motored out at 8am today to the sandbar at Bay Point for some boat bottom maint.  It's good to brush her up now and then.  I sailed all over the bay today, coming back to the beach for a swim to cool off around 2pm.  It was around 4:30pm when I returned to the dock.  What a great day of sailing.  I met Barb & Bob from down the pier, they have a Hunter 23.5.  We've sailed the same course many times in the bay, good people.

St Route 2 bridge in the background

09-08-2007 > A rainy day indeed.  Sunday was supposed to be better.  I slept through the rain all night long.  The morning did not get much better.  So since I don't really care to sail in drizzel, I headed home.
09-15-2007 > Another good weekend sailing.  Helped my friend Peter get his outboard running so he could go sailing in the afternoon.  He invited me along, just in case the Mercury got difficult again. :) He has a Holder 20.  It moves along pretty good!  Sunday I went out again and had a wonderful time on the water sailing.
09-22-2007 > It doesn't get much better than this weekend.  Perfect weather.  Sailed half way to Kelly's Island and back Saturday and then around in the bay.  Sunday was calm in the morning, but the wind picked up by 11am.  Bill and Janet, my dock neighbors (23ft Irwin), went out sailing with me.  This was great fun.  Each of our boats has it's own unique characteristics.  Bill's is faster, I think, but mine will point higher.  Fun stuff!  We each took pictures of each other sailing.  I can't wait to see my pictures.

Me Sailing - wonderful stuff

09-29-2007 > This was a pretty good sailing day.  It started out very calm, so a trip to the fuel dock made sense.  I filled Purr'n up with fuel, a whole $5.  Decided a leisurely motor around the bay was in order.  Once on the bay the wind picked up some, so I hoisted sails and off I went.  I sailed out to Kelly's Island and back!  The lake was calm and made for a wonderful sail.  A half rack of ribs and a Sam Adams completed the day.
10-06-2007 > Very light wind in the morning from the NE.  I sailed out the channel and the wind died.  So from the end of the breakwall I motored over to the beach at Cedar Point.  I anchored in about 4ft. of water.  I had a nice leisurely swim.  Then I walked to the shore where I gather a rock for my collection.  Once back to Purr'n, I made macaroni & cheese for lunch.  Satisfied with my feast, I hopped back in the water and brushed the bottom, getting rid of some nasties before next weekends pullout.  Around two o'clock the wind picked up again from a different direction so I pulled up my anchor and sailed out into the lake.  It was weird because just a few hours before I was on the same tack, but then it was a port tack.  Now I was on a starboard tack on the same heading as earlier.  I caught up to Jan & Bill in their 23ft. Irwin about half way to Kelly's Island.  A storm was coming from the NW so we headed back to the bay.  This was fun running toward the bay, there was three of us sailboats heading back making for so fun impromptu racing.  Once we got into the channel there was a fourth that made the entrance to the bay fun.  Jan & Bill invited me to dinner and with Tim's (a slip owner on my pier) help we went to the 800 Club.  Very good eats.
10-07-2007 > No wind in the morning.  I went for a motor cruise around the bay hoping the wind would come out and play, but it was not to be.  It was almost 90 degrees, unheard of for Ohio in October.  A nice day, but not for a sailor.

Bill & Jan

Sailing is a lot like running a dirt latemodel on the cushion.