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Here are some pictures of the fun we had racing in the 90's.

I raced my super late model at several tracks.  Oakshade, Millstream (Flag City), Mansfield, Attica, Eldora, Montpelier, Fremont & Gas City were my favorite tracks.  Debbie (The Terminator), Chuck Gilbert & John Marks were my ever faithful crew.  Super late models are considered one of the most technologically advanced stockcars.  There's just something cool about racing in a feature at midnight, which happens at some tracks.  We ran in the Sunoco sponsored American Late Model Series, Jeff Gordon Invitational & Ohio Speed Weeks.  Our best seasons were 6th and 10th in points at Flag City.  Our most fun was racing at Attica, and to Attica.  Our worst crash was a triple barrel roll, plus end over end, out of the park, into the weeds upside down at Mansfield.  Only the car was hurt, but we had it back in action two weeks later with a new 4-bar setup and all new aluminum body and interior (only two peices of interior aluminum were reusable).  It was a lot of fun racing against Chris Patterson, Tony Marks, Ron Miller, Rody & Todd Schroyer, Rob Mitchell, Bob Miller, Bill Hahn, Rick Delong and many others.


Here's an Oakshade feature win.  This one was special.  I lapped all but the 2nd and 3rd place cars.  I had a half lap lead on the 2nd place car and would have lapped the 3rd place car in another lap.


This was an Oakshade heat race win.


Here's one at Attica, I think.


Finished second in this heat race at Attica.


Here's one of me on three wheels at Montpelier, Indiana.

At the Bowling Green Mall. This car won at Eldora.


I know this one's at Attica.  I loved racing there.


Oakshade in hotlaps after rebuilding the car from the Mansfield Raceway rollover.


Another heat race win at Oakshade.  Pictured with John's daughter, always a fan. I think Tony Marks took 2nd & Schroyer 3rd in this race.

The first year for the modified.

Just after running at Attica in a special event. Notice the rear wing.

Sailing is a lot like running a dirt latemodel on the cushion.