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Sailing Products List

Experience is the best salesman...

On this page I have for sale some of the products I've used while doing my hobby. I'll also include steps on how to install and use. I prefer PayPal for payment, it's good for me and safe for you. I'll accept postal money orders as well if that's how you sail.

#1: Jerry Rigger


The Jerry Rigger is designed to hold your standing rigging while trailering, when it's not so standing. The dilemma when trailering your sailboat - what to do with the cables that are the rigging. 

Some disconnect at the chain-plates and coil everything up in a nice little bundle - works well, but eats up valuable sailing time.

Some sailors would rather spend that time sailing and so they strap the rigging to the mast or other likely places on the boat - this is fast, but usually results in scratch damage caused by the stainless cables sawing at the boat while trailering.

My solution for the Hunter 170 is the Jerry Rigger - the cables remain connected and under light tension during trailering. It's simple, clean and quick.


Jerry Riggers are made from racecar tested 1/8" plastic and slide into the mast sail track.  They are held in place by Velcro straps, and tensioned by two bungee cords. You provide the bungees to tailor the tension to your liking (the rubber trucker kind works best).

$45.00 US + Shipping

Email me at to order.

Sailing is a lot like running a dirt latemodel on the cushion.