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Wow, it's hard to believe that I'm entering my 3rd year with Purr'n...

>05-17-2009 - Well... our boat is back in the water for another season of sailing on the western end of Lake Erie and her islands. Bill, Doris, Debbie & I put Purr'n in today at the ramp in downtown Sandusky. A pretty brisk day.

>05-23-2009 - It's springtime in Ohio; chilly, windy & unpredictable. This weekend had lots of wind. The kind that pins your boat to the dock. Good for big boats - not so good for little boats. There were a few little boats out, but it looked more like work than fun. I have a new dock neighbor with a Spindrift 22. The Spindrift 22 is designed by Jim Taylor, who also designed my P23. They look very much like cousins.

Two Jim Taylor designed boats

>05-30-2009 - Memorial Day weekend is finally here. Work has been stressfull, so I've been looking forward to some liming around the boat. It's chilly, but the sun warms you up. Good weekend for sailing. I went out three times including an evening sail as the sun was setting over the bay, very cool. Wind piped up Sunday night, and the halyards slapping drove my nuts. It seemed no matter how I adjusted them, they would start in again after about 30 minutes. Another of my dock neighbors, Rich & Kathy, arrived with their Oday 25 too.  It turns out that we only live a few miles from each other.  Small world.

Nice looking bottom job, very clean.

>06-06-2009 - Only got to sail on Saturday, but that's ok. Started out as a nice sunny day with 5-10mph winds. Bill & Jan were up for a clockwise circumnavigation of Kellys Island with thier Irwin 23. We got as far as Marblehead and the winds died down. After about an hour of this we were greeted with a nice NE wind. Great sailing, but lots of tacking to get around the West side of Kellys. Lots of fisherman out today too. Once we rounded the green can on the NE point of the island we were headed straight for Cedar Point and averaging six knots, hull speed for our little boats. This was great! I think we were back in Sandusky Bay in an hour and a half. Our boats are pretty well matched so we don't get too spread out and we're not waiting on each other.

Say cheese! Bill & Jan in thier Irwin 23

>6-26-2009  I got to the boat early on Friday and sailed the bay while the sun set.  I continued on into the night for my first real night sail.  Very cool!  It's interesting how easily boats blend into the lights of the city.  Saturday I sailed to Huron, well almost, I had to motor the last mile.  Made lunch while tied up along the wall and took a nap.  The afternoon wind was slightly better, so I sailed back to Cedar Point Beach for a swim and then on to the marina.  Bill & Jan were ready to eat dinner and invited me along for pizza.  Later, to Bill's enjoyment, I shared my pictures of my sprintcar lawn mower. 

Sunset over Sandusky Bay

>7-5-2009 - Arrived Thursday evening.  Not a bad evening for a sail.  Friday was breezy and I sailed with a reefed main.  Plenty of sailboats out to play around with on Friday.  Saturday I sailed in light breeze of the morning while the bay was smooth.  By lunch time the bay got pretty choppy.  On Sunday I motored over to the beach at Cedar Point for some swimming & relaxing.  After I made lunch the wind popped up.  I couldn't get the anchor pulled up fast enough!  I sailed away toward Huron and out into the lake a few miles.  This was great for some impromptu racing along side some larger sailboats. Once back to the channel, I motored back to the marina.

> 07-12-2009 - I headed out early before noon into light winds.  Dropped sails and made lunch.  I took a swim in the bay over by Johnson Island to cool off.  Bill has a new 170% genoa that he's been wanting to test against the P23.  I saw him coming so I hoisted my sails.  The race was on!  My P23 was really on as I tweaked sails.  She was heeled over plenty, but the centerboard was giving me some great lift as I sailed pretty close to the wind.  Bill was gaining little by little, and said it looked like I only had 18" of hull in the water.  He finally caught and passed me at the other end of the bay.  We turned back toward Cedar Point on a reach.  The wind was building.  Bill could stay with me, but couldn't pass.  This was awesome fun.  Once again our boats are pretty well matched, making for some spirited impromptu match racing fun.  Beware the 170%er.

>07-17-2009 - Debbie and I took the Jet Express over to PIB for the day.  We both had fun just wandering around taking in the sights.  The Boardwalk provided a great lunch, and Debbie now recommends the Crab Melt.  On Saturday I went back to Sandusky for a nice sail in the early afternoon and then Battery Park put on their Wine & Cheese Party by the pool.  Great time chatting with friends and drinking Firelands wine.  Sunday; Steve and I took the P13 down to the Maumee River for a sail.  Pretty light winds, but this was his first time in the P13.  I gave Steve my P13 a few years ago, but he's been too busy to learn how to sail her.  His new girlfriend has had some sailing classes, so Steve is a bit more interested in learning.  Once he gets the hang of it, I think they'll both go out sailing.

A nice treat was seeing my picture of the sunset over Sandusky Bay in the Cruising Compass weekly e-mail newsletter.

Sunset over Sandusky Bay

> 08-09-2009 - Saturday was the Slip Holders Party.  Chicken this year.  Sunday; Debbie and I sailed over to the beach at Cedar Point for lunch, swimming and naps.  Very windy, 20mph, but the beach was great and much cooler than 94.  A reefed main was all that was needed.  We had our cat Gaven, and he too enjoyed the day.

Sleepy kitty while sailing

> 08-16-2009 - I took a couple days off work to sail (13th & 14th).  The weather was great with lots of sun, temps in the 80's and some wind.  Not a lot of wind, but enough to sail.  I sailed the evening of the 12th just before sunset in some light wind and a very flat bay.  Not having all the boat traffic of a typical weekend makes a big difference.  Thursday the wind was ok in the morning, but by the time I reached Kellys it had dropped to a wisper.  On the way out to Kellys I was spanked by another sailboat.  Not sure what it was (24-25ft), but it had nice sails. I consider my Precision to be above average in speed and pointing, but this guy was flying.  Had lunch and a swim in the North cove.  I motored all the way back to Sandusky.  It wasn't sailing, but the flat water made it tolerable.  Friday morning the wind was nowhere to be found.  Topped off my gas and motored over to Cedar Point.  Anchored off the beach and just hung out most of the day.  About 2pm an on-shore breeze filled in and I was hauling in the anchor.  Great sailing for about three hours between the break wall and Huron a few miles out.  Topped off the day with a Perch sandwich combo in Sandusky.  I came home on Saturday.  We're helping my son move into a new apartment this weekend in BG.

> 09-07-2009 - I've been lazy updating my log.  Been sailing every weekend this summer and now it's Labor Day already.  I sailed over to Put-In-Bay on Saturday.  There was plenty of room to anchor out in front of the monument, so I stayed for the night.  $5 gets you the round trip water taxi.  I had a good meal at the Boardwalk and bought me another PIB t-shirt.  There was a beautiful sunset and a full moon.  There's something magical about setting in an anchorage under the moonlight having a good cup of coffee before settling in.  Sunday morning I awoke to see the sun rise over the monument while I was relaxing with coffee and donuts on the sternrail seats.  If I had to pull the boat today, I could call this a good summer.  Pull the boat!  No way, not till October.  Sailing back to Sandusky took longer than expected.  The wind Sunday morning wasn't great, but enough to sail to East Bay.  By then I was behind schedule (party in the afternoon) so I motored back to Battery Park.

Update: The afternoon party was fun, then Debbie and I stopped off at the Fulton County Fair.

>09-20-2009 - The weekend of the 13th was a short sailing weekend as I was only up to the lake on Saturday.  Sunday was family day at Selfridge ANG Base for the 471 US Marine unit.  My son Steve is in this reserve unit.  Nice day for party.  This weekend was sunny but a bit chilly at night.  I went to the Cedar Point Boat Show.  I wandered around looking, drooling over boats and took a sail on a 41 foot Hunter with John Probst.  Sunday was a great day for sailing.  I got out early, 8:30am, to take advantage of the brisk steady wind that is generated as the sun warms the land.  Just an awesome sail!  The rail was at the water on up-wind tacks and downwind the boat moved right along.  Oh, and I was the first sailboat on the bay.

>09-27-2009 - Debbie and I brought our cat Gavin sailing with us.  We sailed over to Kellys and then back.  The trip back was awesome!  We make it back to the dock in 1:15hrs.  We followed a Catalina 27 back to Sandusky Bay.  The skipper yelled over, " That was a great sail!".  He was right on. 

>10-04-2009 - I went out alone on Sunday.  Well... Bill & Jan were out sailing too.  It was a bit too windy for a full main.  I sailed it that way anyway.  A few times Purr'n was heeled waaay over.  Scared Jan once, too funny.  We all ate at Damons after.

>10-25-2009 - We pulled Purr'n on a Tuesday, 10-13.  The wind was blowing 30mph and the bay had 4' chop just outside the marina.  Probably should have picked a different day, but it was supposed to be raining and colder later in the week.  All went fine, and once behind the breakwall of the turning basin the chop was gone.  The wind was trying to push me up the ramp and outboards don't work their best in reverse.  I'm pretty glad we hooked onto the dock on the first pass.  She loaded onto the trailer on the first attempt as well.  Once out of the water I parked so we'd be pointing into the wind.  This made dropping the mast very easy.  Purr'n is on her trailer in the driveway.  I power washed the bottom and cleaned the topsides.  I used the Collinite Fleet wax this spring on the boat, and wow does it work well.  After washing, it still looks like I just waxed.  Hopefully I can get her put away in the shop this coming week.  I have a wood splitter project with some welding that needs to be finished up before I put her away. 

Winter Projects:

1. Jam cleat & block for my backstay adjuster

2. Looking for an "A" sail

3. Retractable bow sprit

4. Replace CDI halyard 

> 12-27-2009 - This will be my last entry for 2009. I was looking for an "A" sail, but bought a used J/24 symetrical spinnaker off eBay for cheap. It has a couple of patches, but should work fine for learning how to use a spinnaker. I've really wanted better downwind performance in light wind. So now I've started putting together a plan for all the extra hardware and rigging I'll need. I'll detail that project in the 2010 Captains Log so that everyone can see how it goes. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and will have a shiny New Year. Fair winds have carried me and my family through 2009. We all still have jobs and are in good health.

North Sails J/24 spinnaker

Springtime in Ohio

It's tough to get out sailing in the spring. There are so many things around the house that need done.

Cleaning gutters
Get pool ready
Planting flowers
Planting gardens
Mowing twice a week
Trimming shrubs
Cleaning windows

With all these things, it's amazing that we get any boating in at all!

Also there is Fall in Ohio.

X - Seal the driveway
X - County fairs
X -Mulching leaves
X - Closing the pool
X - Take down hammick
Cover up flower beds
Cut back rasberries
X - Put away the boat

Sailing is a lot like running a dirt latemodel on the cushion.