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This will be my 5th season with my P23.  Time flys...

5-8-2011 - My in-laws came over Wednesday to help Debbie & I launch Purr'n at the Sandusky City Ramp. It was a bit chilly in the 50's, but very light wind. I've noticed that my slip at SYC is more sheltered from the wind than where I was at Battery Park. All went well. My outboard modification to reverse works as I'd hoped. No more popping out of reverse. Still keeping a look out for a dual-thrust prop though.

I went back up to the boat on Saturday to tinker. I started cleaning a spot on the deck and ended up polishing the deck and cockpit before I was done. It looks really nice. I need to get something that will do a better job of cleaning my non-skid. It was beginning to cloud up about 1pm so I headed off to have my first New Fish Company perch combo of the season. I brought it back, and enjoyed it as the rain drop fell. I'm not a big fan of TV while I'm at the boat, but since my SYC slip includes cable I bought a USB TV dongle over the winter for my laptop. Since it has a remote, I mounted the dongle in the boat so I can plug in the USB and audio cable to my laptop. The audio cable connects to my AUX port of my stereo. I get 71 channels, watched McClintock starring John Wayne (one of my favorites).

05-23-2011 - Finally a warm sunning weekend!  It did rain Saturday night, but not until late.  I got out on the bay for a nice sail in the morning Saturday.  Sunday was the Yachtman's Brunch at SYC.  Wonderful buffet and history presentation of Johnsons Island during the civil war.  C Dock will represent New York City for the Regatta. After the brunch I helped another club member to move his 39' Pearson from Port Clinton over to Sandusky.  I got to open the drawbridge in Port Clinton, a first for me, and then helmed through. That was cool!  We had popcorn and beer once back to SYC.

06-29-2011 - It seems like weeks since I've updated my site... oh I guess it has been.  This past weekend was finally the summer weather everyone has been waiting for in Ohio.  I got out sailing Saturday and Sunday both.  Sunday was best with a nice on-shore breeze filling in from the lake.  I sailed down the water tower and over to Marblehead before returning to the bay.  The water was like glass when I left the marina in the morning.  I thought it would be a day of motoring around in the bay until I felt the breeze over by Cedar Point.  That's when I decided to go around to the other side.  So glad that I did.  On previous weekends the weather has not been the best, but got in some sailing none the less.  One weekend I fashioned shades for my ports, something that my wife had requested to give us a bit more privacy when overnighting.  They turned out pretty cool!  I also helped out my dock neighbor with his sailboat, attaching the boom and some other odds & ends.  Now he's ready for some sailing too.

3rd Place

07-17-2011 - Great Regatta weekend!  Finished 3rd in the P/C Norm Winkel Great Sailboat Race, beating bigger boats.  Our dock, C-Dock, won 3rd place in the dock decorating contest too.  Debbie got "Most Impressive" with her siamese cat Mia in the Regatta pet show. Really, really hot this weekend, but lots of fun.

7-25-2011 - Great weekend!  My brother and his family visited the club on Sunday. We all went out for a sail past Marblehead and back. They had never been on a sailboat before, but I think they all had fun handling lines and steering with the tiller. Nobody got sick, so it was a lot of fun. Afterwards we all headed up to the pool to cool off. 

Rattlesnake Island - we're in the bottom right

08-11-2011 - First sailing we've done in two weekends.  We've been to Kellys Island on Tuesday and Wednesday night, took in the circus Tuesday.  Waited out the 25mph winds Wednesday and headed to Rattlesnake Island Thursday.  I just got back from wine tasting here at Rattlesnake as I'm updating the log.  Heading to Middle Bass for Friday and Saturday night.  So far it's been grand.

Debbie in front of the old Lonz Winery on MBI

8-14-2011 - Back from the islands. Had a nice sail over to Middle Bass Island where we spent Friday night at MBI State Park Marina as guests of the MBI Yacht Club. They were awesome hosts and provided a wonderful clubhouse for our sailaway party. On Saturday we visited PIB and the OSU Stone Laboratory on Gibraltor Island and had lunch there with the students & club members. A wonderful place to tour and lots of great views of the islands from high up on the clift tops. We decided to head home Saturday afternoon since the weather forecast for Sunday didn't sound too encouraging for our little boat. Motored all the way back to Sandusky from MBI in 3hrs. Then it took us another hour just to get unloaded and clean up the boat. We had a great time being out on the islands all week. In all we were on Kellys, Rattlesnake, Middle Bass, South Bass and Gibraltor Islands, and our little Precision did a great job. I think it's time to start thinking about a bigger boat, maybe a P28.

PIB from Gibraltor Island

9-12-2011 - This past weekend I was out sailing both days.  On Saturday I went to the Cedar Point Boat Show.  Then I sailed on the bay with a reefed main in great wind.  I took friends Steve and Linda out sailing, and we all had a blast.  Saturday evening we all went out to eat at the Water Street Grill.  Sunday I went out early and sailed to Marblehead and back, ending the day with a burger and beer at SYC.

9-19-2011 - Well it's been a bit since I've updated my log.  This past weekend I was out sailing both days.  On Saturday I went to the Cedar Point Boat Show.  Then I sailed on the bay with a reefed main in great wind.  I took friends Steve and Linda out sailing, and we all had a blast.  Saturday evening we all went out to eat at the Water Street Grill.  Sunday I went out early and sailed to Marblehead and back, ending the day with a burger and beer at SYC.

09-25-2011 - The weather at the lake was much better than at home this weekend. Saturday started out pretty foggy, but by noon it had burned off and the sun shined brightly through the blue sky. Through the afternoon storm clouds would come and go, but never did they threaten my day of sailing. It got pretty chilly a few times when the sun was behind a cloud for awhile. I eventually put my rain gear on to take off the chill. Great four hours of sailing with approx. 10mph wind. I just sailed all over the bay. Sunday was warmer, but just as nice a day for sailing. Same kind of wind as Saturday, building a bit in the later afternoon. Tons of sailboats in the bay! Lots of friendly challenges from other sailboats. My P23 did not disappoint, as she took on larger boats with class, and handily spanked boats her size. Physically sailed circles around one Hunter 22. :) All good things come to an end as the day grew longer. It was time to go home. 

10-01-2011 - It's cold and rainy today. 30mph wind is a bit too much for my P23. I'll be pulling her out on Wednesday, so I figured I spend what time that I can before then. Sunday should be nicer, but we'll see. Good day to catch up on some reading and work.

10-05-2011 - My season is done. :(  We pulled Purr'n today and hauled her home.  Power washed the bottom and sides, backed her into the shop for the winter. Now it's time to get onto other projects around the house I've been putting off.

Winter projects...

I finally figured out why my GPS wouldn't talk to my VHF radio.  So now my DCS Emergency button will work if ever needed.  I had to repair my hatch from the boom vang bracket putting a hole in it when I lowered the mast.  The hatch cannot be all the way open when lowering the mast.  Since I had it off the boat, I decided to spruce up the appearance of the underside.  I fitted a piece of beadboard paneling to the underside.  It really gives it a shippy look and eliminates the raw fiberglass look of before.  I wrote up a short DIY article for Small Craft Advisor magazine, which they accepted.  Check out SCA #73 Jan/Feb 2012.

Beadboard Paneling

I got my jib repaired too.  The Sunbrella needed to be resewn after 5 years.  I also modified my outboard to help it stay in reverse.  Long story.

Now has a detent

The short of it is that I added an internal detent to the shift rod.  Time will tell if it works, but it should.

I'm finally in the mood to start cleaning, polishing & waxing.  I have the mast polished and all the fenders bright & white.  Bottom paint will need to be done too.

Updates... the bottom paint was completed, the OB motor modification works great and I added some shades to my ports.  The shades are made from placemats that I found on sale.  I cut them down to fit the ports and attached them to the trim around the ports.  They give my boat kind of an islands feel, and some much needed privacy when we overnight.  Keep your eyes open for a DIY article to surface in a few months.

Shades up.
Shades down.

Sailing is a lot like running a dirt latemodel on the cushion.