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Into season #6...

Let's hope for early spring

>02-06-2012 - My DIY article showed up in Small Craft Advisor #73 Jan/Feb.  Pick one up, page 38.

>05-05-2012 My DIY article "Put on your shades" came out in Small Craft Advisor #75 a few weeks ago.  As you may recall, I made shades last year from placemats for my P23.  I have the bottom and rudder painted, and I'm planning to launch on Sunday, weather permitting.

SCA #75, Check it out.

> 07-12-2012 It's been several weeks since I've updated my log.  I moved to a different house, or villa.  So that took up a lot of our time so far this summer.  I've been getting in a day sail here and there, but no real trips to the islands yet.  My son Steve got married today.  Last week I did go out to watch the CP fireworks show on the water.  Steve, Ashley, Savannah & Debbie all came along.  We did a bit of sailing in the bay beforehand and then had to sit out a storm before the fireworks were finally shot off at 11:30pm.  Coming back into the bay we met an out-going coal ship. They look even bigger up close in the dark. We did have a full moon which was nice. The Precision Sailboat Regatta is coming up in August in the bay. I hope to see many more Precisions sailing the bay for a couple of days. Should be fun.

Steve & Ashley at PIB

> 07-28-2012  The Sandusky Yacht Club Regatta was fun. I finished 2nd in the Norm Winkle Great Sailboat Race. Al Meyer won in his Newport 30 and Eric Winkle took third in his Tartan T-10 crewed by the Junior Sailing Team. Good job guys. I finally tried out my 150% jib that came with the boat. It works good but isn't really cut for my newer boat.  I ended up using my spinnaker sheet blocks attached to the base of a stanchion to get the right shape. It does seem faster, but I'd like to use the blocks on my deck tracks.  So I may put this one up for sale.  I have always used my standard working jib, and have always been satisfied.

>08-15-2012 First across the starting line at the Precision Sailboat Regatta in Sandusky.  That's as good as the news gets. I finished 2nd to Pete in his P23. The race was shortened due to the somewhat sudden loss of wind. Lots of fun even so. I had Dave Carson along as crew. Dave is from the Rocky Fork Sailing Club down Cinci way. Dave did a great job counting down for the start and gave me my best chance at a good finish. Thanks Dave. We all had a great time sailing together and sailing out to PIB. Docked at the Boardwalk. Great place, but a bit too exposed for our small boats. By the second night I was ready to take to a park bench.

>09-03-2012 Got the lake early on Friday for a sail in nice brisk wind. I had reservations for Middle Bass Island State Park for Saturday night. Sailed over to MBI on Saturday morning, about 17 miles. Had a nice SW breeze of 10-12mph. It was a bit cloudy off and on, but still fun. I too k the Sonny B over to PIB for an afternoon pizza at Frosty's, and a nice walk around town. Started out Sunday morning with the "all you can eat" breakfast at J.E. Walleye's on MBI. Waffles were excellent! Departed MBI about 10:30am, was back in Sandusky by 1:30pm. Chilly sail back under low hanging clouds with rain threatening off to the South, but never got a drop.

My list of tasks are short for 2012

Can't wait to try my new "Dual-Thrust" prop for my Yamaha. 

Bottom paint done.  Launch is set for 5/6.  OB started and pumps water fine.

We have been going through the process of selling our home this spring. Downsizing to a villa on a golf course.  Once we get all moved, I should have more time to sail.  No more mowing.  No more pool care.  No more trimming bushes.  I'm giving up my building where I store Purr'n in the winter months.  But, I'm hoping to move up to a bit bigger boat next year, so I wouldn't be able to store it there anyways.  Don't worry, I'll find indoor storage for Purr'n.  There seems to be plenty of space for boats this size.  I'll be glad when the move is done.

The move into our new villa was quick with the help of some friends and family, and lots of trips back and forth. I have my storage arranged at Battery Park Marine Services for the winter. Inside heated storage, and they'll make a work rack available so I can replace my board pendant before it wears out.

Sailing is a lot like running a dirt latemodel on the cushion.