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Looking forward to season #7...

Docking at Cedar Point this year 

>05-11-2013 - We put Purr'n in the water this past Thursday. Had a beautiful day of sunny & 80 to get her setup and over to her new dock. Debbie & I decided to try the Cedar Point Marina this year. This is the marina at the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky. We are less than a football field from roller coasters. Cool Should be fun. I went up today to clean the boat and load her back up with all the stuff removed in the fall. It seems like more now that I don't store her at my workshop. Obviously I used to load her up incrementally. The day was pretty chilly, in the mid 50's with a good breeze and overcast sky. Hopefully next weekend will be nicer.

>05-19-2013 - Got my first sail of the season in on Saturday morning. Pretty chilly with the breeze off Lake Erie. Came back to the dock after an hour. Picked up some supplies from the marina store. Went back out before lunch. Wind was stronger than in the early morning. Eventually I reefed the main and rolled up the jib part way to keep her on her keel. Lots of fun, just chilly. Went into the park for lunch at Johnny Rockets and a ride on the old merry-go-round & sports cars.

> 05-27-2013 - Went up Saturday evening. Lots of bugs on the boat. Cleaned her up and headed to the park for a burger. Tried the place at Cedar Point with the two hot rods out front. Absolutely the worst burger I've ever eaten, and pretty lousy efforts being put into keeping the tables clean. Walking the park after dark is kind of enchanting with all the trees in lights. On Sunday I went out for a sail in the morning. Very little wind and quite challenging to keep moving. Put up my spinnaker to catch some of this light wind. Works pretty well, but requires that I keep my eyes on it to keep it filled. Eventually the puffs kept shifting from different direction. Perfect time to drop sails and head in for lunch. The Paper District Marina is a great place to dock and grab a quick meal. The Dockside Cafe has a short, but nicely varied menu. This was a great burger. It's $5 to dock for lunch (1.5hrs). Motored back over to CP to meet up with Debbie for some fun in the park. Very nice day for riding coasters and wandering the park. 

> 06-16-2013 - Got out on the lake by 4pm on Friday. Headed for Kellys with the prospect of anchoring out in the North cove overnight. Got halfway there and heard a weather forecast of North winds overnight. I continued on to PIB to anchor in front of the monument. Nice sail until just past Kellys, then had to rely on the Yamaha. Tried out my anchor drift app on my phone.  60 feet doesn't seem like much unless your dragging your anchor. Finally got the hook to stick. Lots of fist sized gravel there in spots. North winds never came. Once the boat traffic of the island partiers headed back to the mainland stopped, the water was like rippled glass. Very enjoyable snooze time.

In the morning Saturday I moved over to a mooring ball so I could get a ride from the water taxi.  While having a great breakfast in town, an old VW bus, still decorated from the 60's, pulled up.  The couple came in and sat next to me at the bar. Turns out they were from Detroit area and this bus had been rescued from PIB years ago where it had sunk to the axles in a back yard. The mural on the bus was painted by the same artist that painted the inside of the Roundhouse at PIB. How cool is that? After touring the island on foot, I returned to Purr'n to sand & recoat my handrails on the cabin roof. Nice boat loving project while on the ball. Headed back to Sandusky around 2:30pm. Due to the direction of the wind it took me almost 5 hours to get back. I first had no wind, then nice wind w/lots-O-sun, then clouds, then rain, then gusty wind w/rain, and by the time I was ready to dock the water was flat. I started out in swim trunks and finished in rain gear. Still a nice weekend on the water of Lake Erie. 

Mooring field from my anchorage.
PIB from my mooring ball.

> 07-06-2013 - It's been a rainy 4th so far. The past weekend I got in sailing in the bay. Day started out with a breeze that died by lunch time, which made a perfect time to anchor off the sand bar, have some lunch and take a swim. By 2pm the breeze filled in again and off we sailed.

This holiday so far has been all about rain. I got out early Thursday in the bay with a nice breeze and low hanging dark clouds. By 10:30am a wall of rain could be seen heading my way. Got my sails down, jumped into my rain gear and motored back to the marina under a steady downpour. The rain drained in a steady stream from the brim of my hat as I docked and tied up Purr'n. It continued to rain off/on all day, opening just long enough for the CP fireworks. Great view from the marina. Headed home Friday am once the rain paused. Heading back on Sunday which promises to be a better day.

>07-20-2013 - Last weekend I headed to the lake from Medina each day after dropping Debbie off at a cat show. A lot of driving to go sailing, but when you have the bug... That was a couple of nice days sailing in the bay and blasting after boats bigger than Purr'n just to try to catch them. Several of which were overtaken... Arrrr!

This weekend I headed to PIB. Nice sail over until about two miles out. Fired up the Yamaha for the last leg. Decided to check availability of the State run docks at Oak Point State Park. From land the water looks shallow and has a good amount of submerged vegitation. Turns out to be 3-4 feet deep, just perfect for my P23. $20 to stay the night. Pretty cheap by PIB standards. No power, but decent restrooms and a great view of the bay. This weekend was Christmas in July, so lots of decorations & lights to brighten the evening. Grabbed a BBQ pulled pork sandwich and a couple Coronas at T & R's (nice scenery too). Saturday night brought in the only thunderstorm within a hundred miles. Glad I wasn't anchored out when this came through. Coffee & donuts on the boat to greet the sunrise Sunday morning. Sailed back to Sandusky with some lumpy following seas on a really swell breeze. I'll definitely try the State docks again.

Oak Point State Park docks at PIB

>08-02-2013 - It's been a few weekends of sailing since I added to my log. Both kept me interested. One day I was out sailing with the whitecaps with a reefed main. It's work, but good practice, and still fun. Even on that day my dock was sheltered from the wind making for easy docking. This past weekend I'm calling my celebrity weekend. Debbie & I went to the Battery Park Marina Party where a fellow sailor recognized me from my picture in the August Sail magazine. Pretty cool. Reminds me of signing autographs in my racing days. Then on Sunday I saw another P23 sailing on the bay. Of course I had to sail over and get in a wave and a thumbs up. He had a 1988 model, but it still held a real nice shine on the water. As I was leaving Sandusky later, I saw he was at the ramp taking the mast down. So of course I had to stop and say hi. As I approached him he said "Hi... hey your Mr. Precision". I'm not sure I can fill those shoes, but it was kind of cool being called Mr. Precision. The owner was Barry from Akron area. He had brought his family sailing for the past week on Lake Erie and around the islands. They enjoyed themselves, and I hope they find the time to sail in the lake again. It's always cool to see another Precision on the water.

>09-02-2013 - Wow! What a holiday weekend! Spent Fri. thru Monday at PIB for the tall ships and the Battle of Lake Erie reenactment. I lucked out and got a dock at Oak Point on Friday evening. Sure beats anchoring out for security. The view was pretty good from there as well of the ships coming and going, especially in the afternoon with the sun lighting up the sails. Sunday the parade filled the streets and then the OSU Marching Band came in on the Miller Ferry playing as they passed the docks while red & gray fireworks were set off high above. What a sight and sensation as they marched through the streets. Lots of period reenactors too. Bands were playing and groups singing sailing chanteys filled the air. Then finally on Monday the rest of the tall ships began to arrive at PIB to gather for the sail to the battle site. Thunderstorms were threatening with low hanging gray clouds and an eery haze. Off in the distance a group of four ships lay in the lee of Middle Bass Island partially shrouded in the haze. Awesome! This could easily have been the same sighting of a sailor 200 years earlier. Before the battle began, the weather cleared to bright blue skies. After the battle, and after the onlookers cleared, I could see the ships on the horizon returning to their ports. I sailed back to Sandusky wing & wing with the genoa poled out, all the way from the south end of South Bass Island. What a sail back! A weekend to remember and a once in a lifetime event.

Just some of the tall ships
Just some of the tall ships

No worries mate

I sold my house and workshop last spring, and moved into a villa on a golf course. So now I don't have to concern myself with mowing, trimming, etc. This means more boating time. Cool And I'm 15 minutes closer to my boat.

UPDATE:  So far this has worked out great!

Sailing is a lot like running a dirt latemodel on the cushion.