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Starting another season, but looking for a larger boat...

Didn't get in until May...

I didn't get into the water until May this year. The yard was able to finally put me in the Friday before Memorial Day. I could have gotten in a little earlier if I wanted work in the cold. But, there's nothing fun about polishing and waxing in the cold and rain. I didn't really miss any good sailing days. As it turned out, I was in before some of my sailing buddies.

05-21-2014 - Made it out to PIB already for Pirate Weekend. Got a dock at Oak Point for Saturday night. Sailed most of the way to PIB. Motored the last 3 miles as the wind died. The docks in town were all torn up still with the reno project going on. "C" Dock & "B" Dock were open, although "C" wasn't completed. My dock neighbors had a 23' powerboat and a golfcart. Hitched a ride downtown for a meal and some brew. It's great fun getting back to PIB after the winter. Motoring back on Sunday was the worst! Bugs, bugs & more bugs! I had to stop part way to Kellys to wash down the boat. Got in a swim & some lunch on the North side of Kellys and then motored home.

06-24-2014 - I put my jolly little boat up for sale. I feel bad about the thought of selling her. She's still a great boat, but I'd like to get something bigger so we have more room for family. Not looking forward to the additional work that a bigger boat can bring. Replaced the first battery with a Group 27. I'll replace the second next month.

07-04-2014 - Fireworks at CP both Friday and Saturday night. Steve, Savanah & Liam joined Debbie & I on the boat to watch the show Friday. Saturday was a day of liming around, and of course more fireworks. Replaced the hatch sliders on Sunday. Slides much better now.

07-13-2014 - Cat show on Saturday. Got to the boat on Sunday, but storms were lingering. Replaced my second battery with another Group 27. About 2pm things cleared out and a nice 10mph breeze developed. Sailed clear to the other end of the bay and back. Just hung out sailing in the Eastern basin until the wind died in early evening. Great day of sailing as most folks had called it a day in the stormy morning.

08-25-2014 - I've been neglecting my log. Since my last entry, I've replaced my other Group 24 battery with another bigger Group 27. So now I have two new 27's, or whoever buys her will have two new batteries.

I've been out to PIB again. Real nice Sunday sail out there with 12-15mph winds. Can't say the same for the trip back on Monday. Pouring rain, 15-20mph wind on the nose, 4hours to get back to Sandusky. I have rain gear, but I was still wet by the time I got back. The bright spot was that the sun came out as I was coming into the bay and remained until I got docked & put everything away. Purr'n did really good in this weather. I used a reefed main for stability and the Yamaha for continued forward movement.

This past weekend I got a couple hours of sailing both days. Nice wind too. I had the company of my dock neighbor, Capt. Kirk, along with me on Saturday. Visited the CP boat show. The new Catalina 275 is an interesting boat. The Catalina 315 would be a nice replacement for my P23.

10-09-2014 - Been out sailing a bunch since my last post. Made it out to PIB again a couple weekends ago. Wonderful sail out on that Saturday. Anchored out on the West side of Middle Bass that Saturday night. The lake was like glass on the lee side of the island. Beautiful sunset and equally beautiful sunrise. Shortly after sunrise I was enveloped in a fog bank until about 10am. I could see this massive thing coming for about 20 minutes. Later got a dock at PIB for breakfast at Frosty's, blueberry pancakes. Wind was too light to sail back on Sunday. Motored over  to East Bay to explore and then back to Sandusky.

Went up today to pull the boat and put away for the winter. Inside heated storage like usual. It's sad to see the weather get colder.

02-22-2015 - Can't wait for spring!

Long winter in Ohio...

Its been a long cold winter in Ohio. The Sandusky Bay was 28" thick this winter. So cold and nasty that I had to groove and sipe the Run-Flat tires on my BMW! It made traveling to & from cat shows interesting.

Sailing is a lot like running a dirt latemodel on the cushion.