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Introducing s/v LADY JANE... (previously Chip's Ahoy)

05-11-2015 > Just bought a 1989 Tanzer 29 sailboat

She has great potential. As with many boats this age there are some issues to deal with. I've been longing a mild project, and this is it! She has some woodwork around the windows that needs replaced and the dreaded foam backed headliner needs replaced as well. She also has a couple of wet core areas on the deck to get after. I'll document all these projects right here. Need to get her home to her slip first.

Tanzer 29 at RCR in Erie, PA

First things to add:

  • Roller furler for the jib - √
  • GPS plotter - √
  • Good polish & wax job on the deck & cockpit - √
  • New mahogany & ash tiller - Refinished the original
  • Captain's Navy Blue Sail & tiller covers - √


07-26-2015 > Finally launched last Friday! She's at Bay Harbor Marina in Erie, PA till mid-August. Then I'll be sailing back to Sandusky, OH. I have the furler installed. Went with a ProFurl 290. Installation was easy and everything works great. Got a rigger to go up and secure the anti-wrap device this week. Installed a bilge pump last Sunday. Replaced the line for the backstay adjustment. Installed my new Lowrance GPS near the bridgedeck. Measured for a new Captain's Navy Blue sail cover and tiller cover. Hauled the steel cradle back to Sandusky yesterday. Sailed her for the first time last Saturday. Easily zipped along at 6-6.5 knots with 10mph winds. Spent a lot of time cleaning inside and checking that all systems work. Didn't need to replace the tiller. It cleaned up really nicely and I coated it with three coats of Sikkens.

08-10-2015 > Lady Jane is back to Sandusky! My son Steve & I sailed it back over the past three days. The first day was from Erie, PA. to Geneva on the Lake, 63 miles. Nice rewarding swim at the beach and dinner at Eddie's Grill. The second day took us to Cleveland, 55 miles. Good time in Cleveland. Docked behind the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Ate dinner at Tomo (Hibatchi), then a few beers on the roof of the Bingham while the sun set. The third day straight across to Sandusky. Total of 164 miles. Not as much sailing as I would have liked, but still a fun trip. We were overun by bugs for about two hours on the 3rd day. Nasty! Had to take a couple buckets of water and wash down the deck. Glad she's finally closer to home.

Erie PA. 6:30am ready to go
Early in Erie PA.
Geneva On The Lake State Park Dock
Eddie's Grill in GOTL
Entering Cleveland Harbor
Rock & Dock behing the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Some beers on the Bing
Rooftop sunset in Cleveland
Leaving Cleveland Harbor
Sailing home
On the ball at PIB

08-24-2015 > Great weekend at Put In Bay. Grabbed one of the last available mooring balls for the night. No wind on the way over, so had to fire up Vin. Stopped at the fuel dock on my way out of Battery Park. Still have a problem putting in fuel even with a half empty tank. Added a couple gallons just in case. Wonderful sail back to Sandusky. Chased down and passed a Catalina 34 as I went around the North side of Kellys Island. Stopped for swim about 4 miles out from CP when the wind disappeared. In between all this fun I managed to sand and refinish the teak outside. Also got the shower sump pump hooked up and a new thru-hull added. Tuned the rig on friday night, and seems better.

Restored teak trim

09-07-2015 > Reorganized my cockpit storage locker. Replaced the big Sterite container with a smaller one that fit the area next to the holding tank. Drilled a hole in it and attached a tether so that I don't have to crawl into the hole to get it. Packed my cruising spinnaker into it's sock so it's ready for action. This made room to store 3 sails in my locker now along with the PFD's and cleaning bucket, brushes, boat pole, extra fenders, etc. Got one of my fenders replaced at West Marine. It had a small split in the seam. Sailed out to the West side of Kellys and back. Nice wind! Got to sail with a Hunter 36 and a Catalina 36. I could pull away from both. A Catalina 30 was creeping up behind me while I cruised along no-handed. I let him get close then trimmed in the sails and left him in my wake. :) Love this boat! Stopped for swim and headed back to Battery Park, C-13.

Just liming at the dock

09-13-2015 > Windy weekend and chilly. Got my boat storage secured with Battery Park. I repaired the one pad on my cradle, as the plywood was coming apart. Finally got my head to flush correctly. Turns out the inlet and the sink drain were reversed. The sink drain is a little lower on the hull. That is now the inlet for the head. Previously the head was not able to pull in water to perform a proper flush. This thru-hull was below the painted waterline, but not really fully below the waterline. So it couldn't pull in water. Glad I figured this out before rebuilding the head pump. Wind was blowing so hard I was heeled over about 5 degrees at the dock!

Sassy First Mate

09-28-2015 > Debbie & I sailed over to Kellys Island for lunch on Friday. Docked at Portside. Perfect landing and the first time there with this boat. Ran into Ron & Joanne from Cedar Point at the pub. Got some fudge and a new hat. Cruised back to Sandusky with just the jib, 6-6.5 knots with 3-4 foot rollers. Saturday was just as breezy. 18-20 mph winds in the afternoon. I was flying across the West end of the bay with full sails on a beam reach doing 7.5 knots! Awesome. Sunday was breakfast at Port Sandusky and some work on the boat. My haulout is scheduled for 10/16 so it's time to start thinking about all that winterizing stuff. 

10-16-2015 > Spent the weekend docked at Cedar Point Amusement Park. My son's fraternity was working there to raise money. Steve & one of his brothers slept on the boat. Very chilling weekend. I ran the heater both nights. When they came back to the boat at 1am they were shivering. The following week I pulled Lady Jane for the winter. She is stored outside covered by a winter cover I found on ebay. It almost fits, but good enough for this winter. The cover was made for a Beneteau 29, but the price was right and I'll adjust it for next year.

CP Marina, colder than it looks.
Getting forked

12-26-2015 > I brought some pieces home with me last week while checking on Lady Jane. I restored two pieces of teak trim that had water stains from the leaking windows. I also restored the teak swim ladder steps. Was thinking of replacing with Plas-Teak or similar, but they cleaned up pretty good.

Restoring trim an steps
Restoring trim an steps

05-14-2016 > Replaced the rear side windows this weekend. I bought new cast acrylic sheets and cut new windows to match the old. Marked and painted a black surround on the inside of the window. Used a 3M tape to attach and a couple of screws for good measure. finished off with a black silicone around the outside edge. Looks 300% better! The old ones were finally becoming too crazed and were turning white.

05-20-2016 > Launch day! Beautiful day! Sunny about 70 and a gentle breeze. Minor problem with raw water flow in Vin. Pump inlet tube was sucking some air. Made it work by wiggling the tube. That got me to the marina across the bay from Battery Park Marine Services. Turns out a previous owner or their mechanic replaced the o-ring with a piece of hose that kind of fit. A new o-ring took care of the problem. Spent this weekend finishing up my wood around my windows and sanding the teak bulkheads for a new finish. A lot of work, but turned out pretty nice. At least the water stains are gone from all the leaks, and the leaks are gone.

Replacing rotten plywood.
Finished with some creative veneer & trim.
More refinished bulkhead.

05-29-2016 > It's Memorial Day weekend. Put Lady Jane in on the 20th. A beautiful day. Docking at Cedar Point Marina this year, #336, out in front of the Blue Streak and Valraven. Got me a CP burgee on Friday. Saturday, Steve & Liam came up and we all went out to sail on the bay. Light wind for sailing, but we had a good time.  We anchored later off Bay Point to take a swim. That's when the thunderstorm popped up with lots of rain and wind. Glad I properly set the anchor. Wind blew so hard that at one point for a few minutes the starboard rail was under water and the water was lapping at the windows. I've never been heeled over that far with out sail up! Half an hour later the sun was out. Got some swimming in and headed back to the marina. Good thing. 15 minutes after we tied up another storm hit. Bigger than the first. Glad we were at the dock. Cooked up some dinner while we waited out the storm. Liam got a little seasick, but considering the conditions he did pretty good. He's not a big fan of PFD's and seemed to have a phobia for sharks. Obviously none in Lake Erie, but he wasn't buying it. 

07-23-2016 > Sailed out of CP to the cove on the North side of Kelleys Island. Anchored there for the night. Very hot this weekend, but much nicer in the lake. Did lots of swimming and floating to stay cool. Very calm night on the water. Clear sky and lots of stars, beautiful. Never gets old. Rigged my LED light for an anchor light, set on the low setting. Worked great, very bright. Ran the fridge on battery power, Batt #1. Sunday morning the engine would barely turn over on Batt #1. Switched over to Batt #2 to start. Then switched to both and then #1. Really loaded down the engine charging #1. Sailed back to CP along the West side of Kelleys. Dropped sails as a storm approached near Marblehead. Eventually waited out the storm that hit Sandusky. Rain gear got wet and so did I. There was 6" of water in the CP parking lot when I got back.


07-30-2016 > Met Steve and Liam at the boat at CP336. Headed out along CP coast to the channel. Good course, at least 2' under the keel, without having to go around the lighted marker. Saves me 15 minutes. Sailed along the East side of Kelleys, nice 5.5kts. A storm was coming from the West after rounding the North side of Kelleys. Dropped sails & motored towards Canada to skirt the storm. Got the rain but not the winds for about 45 minutes. Headed to Middle Bass State Park. Hail them on Ch 71, to dock "E1". Park employees helped us dock, nice. $46 for the night. We explored the area near ST Hazzard's, camping and cabins. Kind of run down. They need to take better care of their property. Took the Sonny S over to PIB. Liam played in the park and we ate at DQ. Sunday morning breakfast at JE Walley's, OK. Headed back to CP, stopped at the gravel dock on West side of Kelleys for a swim. Finally got Liam in the water. Liam thinks there are sharks in the lake. :) Back to CP for lunch.


08-06-2016 > Set up my $33 umbrella for shade. Attached to the topping lift and tied laterally to position. Worked good, much nicer to sit in the shade. Cleared out the remaining damp core and fitted two pieces of new core. Need to cut a few more pieces and epoxy next. Need to clean up the bottom of the glass pieces so they are ready to epoxy. Maybe next weekend. Need to find three strips to epoxy to the hull side for my slatted seating area back. Also need to order hull liner carpet for the aft cabin.

08-20-2016 > Steve & I headed for Vermilion for lunch. We sailed on one tack all the way there, once we were out in the lake. No public docks were available. We docked at the restaurant and had lunch. Sea Bass & Lobster, great meal. Not cheap, but it was worth it. Headed back about 6pm. Thunder storm from the South came out onto the lake. We dropped sails and battened down for about 20 minutes while it passed overhead. We headed for Huron for the night. We arrived just as the rain started up again. We got a dock for the night in the Boat Basin. The Classic Boat Show was going on. Lots of Lyman & Chris Craft wooden boats to look at. A live band was playing too. Sunday morning we walked into town for breakfast at the bar. Great food for the money. Headed back to Sandusky with just the jib. Plenty of wind & swells. Broke two wine glasses on the way. Good weekend.


09-11-2016 > Beautiful day for sailing. Light wind, but steady. Sailed out along the East coast of Kelleys. Then back into the bay. Lots of boats in the bay.

10-20-2016 > Finished up my restoration of the aft cabin. New hull liner, replaced the wet core, new finish on the teak, and added bamboo slats to the seating area. Turned out nice.

Sailing is a lot like running a dirt latemodel on the cushion.