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For Sale in October 2006 - Should've bought it then!  Precision Boat Works sure makes a nice boat; a real boat with top notch components and world class quality.

Hull #540 built in May 2005

We really like our new to us Precision 23.  My father-in-law and I drove over to Geneva-on-the-Lake in April 2007 to pick up our clean little boat.  My wife Debbie really likes how stable the P23 is, and I like all the top notch hardware & workmanship.  We put her in the water on May 19th 2007 at Battery Park in Sandusky, Ohio.  The launching went fine, but the weather could have been better.  The wind was pretty stiff so we motored over to the slip to be safe.  That's when it got fun.  It took me three attempts to get her docked.  I'd nose into the slip and the wind would blow the stern away from the dock.  The outboard and me need to practice.  It's a Yamaha F8 with the shifter on the grip, and it runs real nice, but it's my first outboard and I was afraid I'd stall it when shifting.  Anyway we made it in our slip and provided some entertainment as well.


Above is a picture of Purr'n in our driveway.  I stepped the mast by myself just to make sure everything was ready for the following weekend's splash.  I added a flag on the backstay and a cover for the outboard.  I had just rubbed out the finish and waxed Purr'n prior to this picture.  Lots of work, but it sure looked good when done.


Purr'n is finally in the water.  Here's our first sail.  I went out with my son Steve on Memorial Day 2007.

Precision Boat Works sure makes a pretty boat.


Here's the US Brig Niagara coming in to Sandusky Bay.  She was pretty fast, as I couldn't keep up with her in my P23. 

It doesn't get much better than this!

We are really enjoying our P23.  Shown below are some additions/modifications we've made that add to our enjoyment and the whole boating experience.

Custom built chart table and microwave swivel stand

Microwave pulled out to convenient angle when cooking

Nautica bookends w/clock & thermometer

The bookends fit into the cupholder holes.

Toilet paper & magazine holder

Now I've got GPS! A Garmin GPSMAP 215 with an Erie G-chart.

I added a 6 inch bell and mounted the GPS antenna to the stern rail.

Liquid soap holder and shell scrubber house

An easy mod of adding hooks for the pot holders and mitt.

Here's a nice little cabinet I built & installed. It's another place to store away items.
For 2010 I have a spinnaker rigged.
Added beadboard to hatch for 2011
No more OB jumping out of reverse.
July 5th 2008 at the Huron Boat Basin

Oh yeah!

Sailing is a lot like running a dirt latemodel on the cushion.